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This is a fun outdoor activity in which a raft is used to cross a water body. It is done on white water and different degrees of rough water. It is a rejuvenating experience for clients and offers a fun filled environment for participants giving them a great experience.

There would be a tour guide supporting you during the rafting. It


Paragliding is an adventurous sport giving you an amazing experience and assist our clients with the best. It can help you to cover many hours and many kilometers. It gives a great experience to the participants involved in this adventourous sport.

There is a harness made of different interconnected baffled cells in which the pilot

Motor Bike Tour

The best way to experience the beauty of a place is by hiring motor bikes for having a fun filled journey. In organizing the tours, we make sure that the motor cycles we choose are in great condition.

You will not have to worry about crucial matters such as repairs, fuel, spares and lodging. We take care of your style and safety at the


Trekking is one of the adventurous sports in India and takes the tourist to different parts of India. Trekking is a great way to get in touch with the beauty of the nature. You would have amazing time experiencing the greatest pleasures of life.

Discover the finest flora and fauna while trekking down to the finest land. There are many


Kayaking is a water sport in which a small narrow boat is used to cross the water body. The boat is propelled with the help of paddle. This sport is highly adventures and full of fun. The participants can enjoy the splash of water while riding across.

The traditional design of the boat has a covered deck and cockpits. The cockpits stop

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is an adventurous activity offering the clients with great options to climb up, down and through various rock formations. The aim in rock climbing is to reach a particular endpoint and that too without falling. This task requires great endurance and is a fun sport for various tourists.

It demands both physical and mental